Towards a new type of 3D processing. Challenging unparalleled speed and precision

High-speed processing
Equipped with a Zero-Offset Head with increased critical speeds at corner sections, making high-speed processing possible. The utilization of a new control unit has led to improved processing speeds and faster rotation axes, shortening processing times by up to 40%.(in-house comparison)

Shorter processing time
Mitsubishi Electric’s control system optimizes the laser output power and provides Dross Reduction Control that greatly reduces dross adhesion, minimizing the need for post-processing deburring.

Simplified teaching box dramatically reduces keystrokes during programming and allows for quicker job setup including program correction.

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Model - ML4322VZ10
Operation Type - Hybrid
Processing Head Structure - Zero offset
Control System - X-Y-Z-W-U 5-axis, Simultaneous Control
Workpiece dimensions (mm) - 4300x2200x850
Max. 2D work piece size (C-axis 90° fixed) - 4300x2200
Stroke X,Y,Z-axis(mm) - 4300x2200x850
Stroke W,U-axis (°) - W: ±360, U: ±180
Stroke C,A-axis (°) - -
Rapid feed rate X,Y,Z-axis(m/min) - X,Y,Z: 35
Rapid feed rate W,U-axis (°/s) - 360
Rapid feed rate C,A-axis (°/s) - -
Max. Cutting Speed X,Y,Z-axis(m/min) - 35
Max. Cutting Speed W,U-axis (°/s) - 360
Repeatability (mm) - ±0.015
Table weight (Kg) -
Table Pass height (mm) - 650
Footprint (reference value in mm) - 10620x5350
Machine weight (kg) (excluding oscillator) - Approx. 10000
Applicable oscillator - ML20XF, ML30CF-R