IoT Systems

Where are you when your parts are finished?

Receive live notifications straight to your phone when jobs are completed or interrupted.

What is remote360?

remote360® is a robust production monitoring and support solution, designed to provide transparency to your machining processes. Our web-based application provides real-time data to increase productivity, improve efficiency & reduce down time.

A new level of support for your Mitsubishi machines

  • Analyze

    Evaluate key data tied to your machining processes-including alarm, program, consumption and productivity history.

  • Monitor

    Get real-time access to an extensive amount of data, including machine operation and alarm state, maintenance timers, active alarms, diagnostics, program header content and active job information.

  • Produce

    Experience higher levels of productivity, increased effiency and an overall increase in profitability.

Remote Support

Use the remote support feature to diagnose and resolve several application and service issues faster and more accurately. With the press of a button, your operator can grant our technicians the ability to remotely tunnel into your machine to help resolve issues, upload/download programs and push software updates.

Proactive diagnostics

Enable our network of service engineers to receive your machine's real-time diagnostics. We can help spot issues before they result in down time, keeping your machine running at peak efficiency.

  • Wire EDM

    Key performance monitoring

    • Wire Remaining
    • Program Completion Monitor
    • Wire Breakage and Insert Monitors
    • Working Voltage
    • Water Quality
  • Sinker EDM

    Key performance monitoring

    • Distance to Depth
    • Stability
    • Amperage Output
    • Current Program Sequence
    • Current E-Pack
  • Laser

    Key performance monitoring

    • Rapid and Cutfeed Overrides
    • Active Feed Rate
    • Assit Gas Set vs. Output Pressure
    • Power Output
    • Laser Gas Status