The Mitsubishi EA-PS series with “Thermal Buster” is the ideal choice for tight-tolerance applications such as die and mold. The new Thermal Displacement Compensation System and Z-Axis cooling mechanism improves accuracy by tracking and compensating for machine temperature changes.
The NP2 circuit provides ultra-fine, satin surface finishing anywhere on the table surface. An enhanced Glossy Mirror Finishing Circuit “LLTX” improves mold releasability without the need for polishing. The HPS circuit enhances machining speed while reducing electrode wear.
The EA-PS series with the new MITSUBISHI M700 series controller with a 64-bit RISC processor and 15-inch touchscreen for easier user interface.
These machines are the compact Highly-Rigid Machines and fixed Table Traveling Column Construction and with all-new Intelligent Digital Power Master (IDPM2) is the key to the special performance attributes of the EA-PS. Minimal graphite electrode wear with high erosion rates and high performance in the machining of carbide.
The addition of the new SS Jump 5 optimizes jump up acceleration control to stabilize high-speed No-Flush burning.

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Standard Machine Specifications
Machine travel [ X x Y x Z ] (mm) - 400 x 300 x 300
Max. work-piece dimensions [ W x D x H ] (mm) - 900 x 650 x 350
Max. work-piece weight (kg) - 1000
Axis movement (-) - Fixed table, Column Movement
Dist. b/w table & electrode mount face (mm) - 200 to 500
Max. electrode weight (kg) - 80
Unit weight (kg) - 3500
Initial Dielectric fluid amount (Ltr) - 470
Dielectric fluid chiller unit - In-build unit cooler
Method of Working tank door - Automatic elevation tank
Max. machining peak current (A) - 80 (120 option)
Power requirement (kVA) - 6.5 (9.5 option for 120 supply)
User memory capacity (GB) - 1
Min. drive unit (µm) - 0.1
C - Axis and Automatic tool changer - Available as option
Features related to Industry 4.0 - Remote 360