We’re focused on getting you maximum uptime and value from your equipment.

From installation, on-site training and service support throughout the life of your system, our national service network is just a phone call away.
Feel the Mitsubishi Experience with our Limitless Service & Support.
With more than 25 employees, our regionalized service network is the most advanced and responsive in the industry. This network includes 6 service locations throughout India.

During your Pre-purchase Exploration

Our application team engineers examine the existing process and facilities.

We will determine the best way to integrate and streamline the production efficiency and quality.

Throughout a Long Productive Lifespan

Our machineries are built to last and we are here with full preventive maintenance and upgrades to help you keep it up to date for maximum return.
And with the Preventive Maintenance Contract and Application support contracts that extend to remote monitoring, you will always be on top in the market.

Preventative Maintenance Contract

Preventative Maintenance is critical for peak machine tool performance and maximum machine utilization, reducing overall costs and extending its life and value. Regular PM’s help protect your equipment investment and allow you to plan your downtime for minimal disruption. Programs can be fully customized to suit your company’s needs.

Custom Tailored

Mitsubishi Preventive Maintenance contracts can be customized to suit your company’s needs, from an annual visit to bi-annual, quarterly or more. We will help you determine what’s best for you


At each visit, our factory-trained Service Engineer performs an extensive list of tests and maintenance operations. Parts and consumables are replaced as needed or requested by you.

OEM parts

Only Mitsubishi OEM parts are used during preventive maintenance visits to ensure quality and optimal machine performance.

Parts & service charge discount

Those customers who are entered into the PMC will be eligible for discounts on spare parts and onsite service charges.

Application Support

Making your shop floor with more productivity

With MC Machinery Systems India, skilled service, the right parts, and top-notch training are only the start of our support offerings. We can also help you be more productive from the ground up, with customized plans for shop floor setups that work harder and get better results.

Whether developing integrated manufacturing cells or adding specific solutions to complement existing operations, our Application Experts support team fuses extensive knowledge of the technology with deep knowledge of your industry to help you proactively eliminate bottlenecks, improve accuracy, and drive throughput.

Focusing on process improvement and optimization of the process or application, our typical on-site application visits are 2-3 days in length, and may include a review of fixtures, tooling, wire type, electrode and work-piece materials, technology, or programming. Consultation services are not part of the standard package included with each machine purchase, so changes will be quoted based upon the age and sophistication of the equipment.

Certified Training Courses

The variety of program ranges from basic knowledge to individual training, which is orientated exactly to the educational requirements.

The training on our processing systems and in programming shall take place at your site and also in our own technology and demonstration centers. You select your nearest training location.

All those attending the training/seminars shall receive a certificate at the end of the course.

Remote Monitoring

A new level of support for your Mitsubishi machines

Where are you when your parts are finished?

Receive live notifications straight to your phone when jobs are completed or interrupted.

What is remote360?

Remote360® is a robust production monitoring and support solution, designed to provide transparency to your machining processes. Our web-based application provides real-time data to increase productivity improve efficiency & reduce down time.

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