True standard machine exceeding its own limits

High productivity
High-speed height control, latest trajectory control and piercing technology delivers the hybrid’s maximum performance on thin to thick plates. Results in drastic reduction in processing times.

New control unit improves operability and automated adjustment enables comfortable, stress-free operation, from setup to processing.

Additionally, the total time from setup to product completion has been shortened, enabling quick turnaround.

Diverse processing
Z-axis stroke enables processing of boxed objects and tubes. By further expanding the processing conditions database, a wider variety of materials can be handled, thus increasing the potential of laser processing.

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Laser Processing Machines Specifiactions
Model - ML3015HV2-R
Drive System - Hybrid type (X axis: Table movement, Y & Z axis : Beam movement)
Control System - X-Y-Z simultaneous 3 axis ( Z axis height control is also possible)
Workpiece dimensions (mm) - 3050 x 1525
Stroke X-axis (mm) - 3100
Stroke Y-axis (mm) - 1550
Stroke Z-axis (mm) - 300
Rapid feed rate (combined) XY-axis (m/min) - Max. 70 (combined)
Positioning accuracy XY-axis (mm) - 0.01/500
Positioning accuracy Z-axis (mm) - 0.01/100
Repeatability XY-axis (mm) - ±0.005
Table Pass height (mm) - 850
Footprint (reference value in mm) - 8490 x 5311
Machine weight (kg) (excluding oscillator) - 9600
Pallet Changer weight (kg) - N/A
Applicable oscillator - ML20XF, ML32XP, ML45CF-R