Wider and more sophisticated,

comprehensive solution for any shop’s needs.

The bottom line of laser cutting relies on high productivity and quality performance.

Mitsubishi Electric’s large-scale laser processing machines offer the performance comparable to other high-speed versatile laser machines, providing diverse applications at high speeds with high precision.

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Laser Processing Machines Specifiactions
Model - ML6030XL
Drive System - Flying optics (3-axis beam travel)
Control System - X-Y-Z simultaneous 3 axis ( Z axis height control is also possible)
Workpiece dimensions (mm) - 6100 x 3050
Stroke X-axis (mm) - 6600
Stroke Y-axis (mm) - 3200
Stroke Z-axis (mm) - 150
Rapid feed rate (combined) XY-axis (m/min) - Max. 110 (combined)
Positioning accuracy XY-axis (mm) - 0.01/500
Positioning accuracy Z-axis (mm) - 0.01/100
Repeatability XY-axis (mm) - ±0.01
Table Pass height (mm) -
Footprint (reference value in mm) - 12115 x 8115
Machine weight (kg) (excluding oscillator) - 7000
Pallet Changer weight (kg) - N/A
Applicable oscillator - ML45CF-R/60XF