Introducing the highly reliable AI-powered “Non-stop Processing System” All-Mitsubishi Fiber Laser

Mitsubishi Fiber Laser Oscillator
Achieves both high reliability and high productivity with our new fiber laser oscillator built-in. Minimizes the risk of machine breakdowns.

Our proprietary gas flow control reduces nitrogen gas consumption by up to 90%. The processing speed and cutting surface quality have been improved for everything from thin to thick plates, providing unprecedented added value.

AI Assistance
The processing state is determined from the sounds and light during processing with AI, using our AI technology “Maisart®”. In pursuit of a “non-stop processing system”, with the world’s first e-laser processing system built-in and functionality that automatically adjusts the laser processing conditions with AI.

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Laser Processing Machines Specifiactions
Model - ML4020GX - Advanced
Drive System - Flying Optics ( 3-axis beam travel)
Control System - X-Y-Z simultaneous 3 axis ( Z axis height control is also possible)
Workpiece dimensions (mm) - 4050 x 2060
Stroke X-axis (mm) - 4100
Stroke Y-axis (mm) - 2100
Stroke Z-axis (mm) - 120
Rapid feed rate (combined) XY-axis (m/min) - Max. 170 (combined)
Positioning accuracy XY-axis (mm) - 0.05/500
Positioning accuracy Z-axis (mm) - 0.1/100
Repeatability XY-axis (mm) - ±0.01
Table Pass height (mm) - 890
Footprint (reference value in mm) - 14900 x 8500
Machine weight (kg) (excluding oscillator) - 10000
Pallet Changer weight (kg) - 4000
Applicable oscillator - MF40/60/80/100