High standard machine that achieves extraordinary productivity and top-quality results

High Performance
The faster processing speed and optimized control system of the eX PLUS series reduces thin-plate processing time by approximately 42%. The cutting-edge piercing technology allows for about a 48% reduction in processing time of mid-thick and thick mild steel plates.(in-house comparison)

Simple Operation
2 Action Cutting allows for the entire process, from job setup to parts cutting, to be completed in two simple actions. Delivers easy operation and stable performance. CAD/CAM computer, connected via network, is a great aid for operators on the shop floor.

When not processing, the system switches to ECO mode and the resonator stops idling. Minimizes energy consumption, reducing running costs by up to 99% during standby. Quickly resumes normal operation. Mitsubishi Electric’s original resonator reduces CO2 emissions by approximately 30% compared to standard high-speed, axial-flow resonators.(in-house comparison)

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Laser Processing Machines Specifiactions
Model - ML3015eX-PLUS
Drive System - Flying optics (3-axis beam travel)
Control System - X-Y-Z simultaneous 3 axis ( Z axis height control is also possible)
Workpiece dimensions (mm) - 3050 x 1525
Stroke X-axis (mm) - 3100
Stroke Y-axis (mm) - 1565
Stroke Z-axis (mm) - 150
Rapid feed rate (combined) XY-axis (m/min) - Max. 140 (combined)
Positioning accuracy XY-axis (mm) - 0.01/500
Positioning accuracy Z-axis (mm) - 0.01/100
Repeatability XY-axis (mm) - ±0.01
Table Pass height (mm) - 880
Footprint (reference value in mm) - 13190 x 5150
Machine weight (kg) (excluding oscillator) - 8500
Pallet Changer weight (kg) - 2100
Applicable oscillator - ML45CF-R/60XF