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Wide range of applications
The VZ20 series expands the range of laser applications in welding and thick-plate cutting. The maximum thickness of stainless steel that can be cut using nitrogen assist gas has increased 2.5 times compared to our previous model.

Offset processing head
The Offset Head is slimmer than ever, realizing superior work piece accessibility and lower chance of collision with the work piece and jig. VZ20 is the perfect choice for the processing of deep drawn parts.

Simplified teaching box dramatically reduces keystrokes during programming and allows for quicker job setup including program correction.

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Model - ML4322VZ20
Operation Type - Hybrid
Processing Head Structure - offset
Control System - X-Y-Z-C-A 5-axis, Simultaneous Control
Workpiece dimensions (mm) - 3700x1600x550
Max. 2D work piece size (C-axis 90° fixed) - 4300x2000
Stroke X,Y,Z-axis(mm) - 4300x2200x850
Stroke W,U-axis (°) - -
Stroke C,A-axis (°) - C: ±360, A: ±90 (±135° optional)
Rapid feed rate X,Y,Z-axis(m/min) - X,Y,Z: 35
Rapid feed rate W,U-axis (°/s) - -
Rapid feed rate C,A-axis (°/s) - 360
Max. Cutting Speed X,Y,Z-axis(m/min) - 35
Max. Cutting Speed W,U-axis (°/s) - 360
Repeatability (mm) - ±0.015
Table weight (Kg) -
Table Pass height (mm) - 650
Footprint (reference value in mm) - 10620x5350
Machine weight (kg) (excluding oscillator) - Approx. 10000
Applicable oscillator - ML20XF, ML40CF-R